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Virtual Camp Schedule

by 2020/07/26

Australia one on one

New Zealand one on one

Saturday and Sunday Seminars w/ HHLM

July 25 & 26
August 1 & 2
August 8 & 9
August 15 & 16

Friday FUNdays

Scavenger Hunt, Trivia, and more!

July 31

August 7

August 14

August 21


Be respectful at all times and listen to your counselors & fellow campers

Follow instructions from your counselors and react if you have questions

Please keep your mic muted unless you are asking a question or participating in a discussion, or if your counselor says otherwise

Please do not change your background or profile picture to anything that would be inappropriate or distracting, even though we are virtual we are still at a NNDYM camp setting

Please refrain from any profanity or inappropriate language either on the call or in the chat

Please do not be disruptive or distracting during the sessions. Counselors reserve the right to remove any campers from the session if they continue displaying disruptive behavior

Please do not share the Zoom meeting links to anyone else. If someone is registered for camp, they will be receiving the links, so there is no need to share the link. We have limited space

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jay shree swaminarayan