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Camp 2018

Beginning From The End

From the guidance of His Holiness 108 Shree Vrajendraprasadji Maharaj, attendees explored their relationship with themselves, fellow satsangis, and Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan. It was a week full of unforgettable lifelong memories; a week full of new adventures and activities, and a week full of meeting new people and making new friends. We proceed to come together and continue our journies as an NNDYM family. 

This camp had various different activities for the kids including bouncy houses and sports tournaments. 

The parents are also always involved in making camp the best experience for everyone, whether it’s helping the kids with activities or in the kitchen. 

The kids are always always involved and occupied in learning something new or enjoying their time with friends.

It was a week away from home, spent with friends and Bhagwan. A week full of smiles

Garba is also a huge part of camp. Since Navaratri is only once a year, people who love it can enjoy it more than once.

K-Factor, which is a singing competition gets many involved and they are able to show off their talent. (similar to a talent show)

Camp food is the best food since it is prepared by our loving mandir aunties/moms. 

Camp 2018 was located in Tannersville, PA. The camp consisted of many outdoor activities which also worked because of the cooperating weather. The main theme was ‘Beginning from the End’ where the lessons focused on finding yourself as a person and the journies you go through in life. Not only that but we also talked about Bhagwan and how we can become better satangis.

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